Private Projects


In 2005, I founded the robotics association “Helveticrobot”. In Helveticrobots, students of high school Chur build new robots each year. The high school students are coached and trained by former team members. Each year, the teams participate in various international competitions. Read more…

Android Mind Mapping Application

Since 2009, I use a FreePlane mind map to keep track of all my daily tasks, long term projects, ideas and a private knowledge base  This mind map has grown to about 70’000 nodes (individual thoughts, tasks, snippets of information) within just 4 years. To open my mind map also on my Android phone, I have developed DroidPlane, a mind map application for Android. Read more…

AMIV Kontakt

For our Student Association “AMIV”, I have worked on several IT projects. I have tested and implemented a Customer Relationship Management for our external relations team. The CRM is used to manage our contacts for the AMIV Kontakt job fair, which is held yearly. We use a customized SugarCRM installation with self-developed modules. A Drupal frontend has been built (using SugarCRM’s SOAP API), where companies participating on the AMIV Kontakt job fair can log in and update their company profile.
The AMIV website can be found at, and our Drupal website for the job fair at