In 2005, while I was a student at high school Chur, I founded the robotics association “Helveticrobot”. Together with two friends, we started to build small autonomous robots and participated in the German robotics competition “RoboKing“. In the beginning, we did not have any knowledge about programming and electronics. By reading many different websites and books about robotics, we quickly gained the needed knowledge and built more advanced robots each year.

After RoboKing 2008, the competition was discontinued. As Jonas, Fabio and me had already graduated from high school and were studying, we did not have much spare time to work on our robots. Nevertheless, we decided to continue working with robots. In 2009, we actively looked for younger high school students who were interested in robotics. Since then, our team grows by 2 to 6 people every year. The more experienced students in the team will teach the younger ones.

The best students build the robot for the RoboCup Junior world championship. Since 2009, we participated on each world championship. In 2009 in Graz, we were quite inexperienced and could not keep up with the best teams. In the following 12 month, my team spent many hours on developing the new robot for the 2010 championship. That year, everything worked well. We qualified for the world championship in Singapore, where we came third.
The goal for 2011 was set: Win the world championship title in Istanbul. Once again, we spent a whole year of our leisure time building a new, improved robot. In Istanbul, the first few days were not promising at all – but on the last day, we improved our robot and finally won the competition!

While we participated in the “Rescue” category for the last three years, we’re now seeking a new challenge. Next year, on the world championship in Mexico City, we will start in the “Soccer” competition. We realize that this is even a bigger challenge than rescue, and we will need to spend many hours building our new robots. Our primary goal is to gain more experience from the new challenge, we can’t expect to win these games at our first attempt.

Read more about my robotics association “Helveticrobot” at our website: http://www.helveticrobot.ch