This page describes some of my projects I realized at work (with my employers permissions). This is not my CV, the complete curriculum vitae can be found here.

During my study time, I worked part time as IT System Administrator and also helped out on other research projects at the Institute for Electronics.

6LoWPAN on TinyOS

This project was based on wireless sensor nodes. The goal was to implement the IPv6 compatible 6LoWPAN into wireless sensor nodes. Read more…

Linux ANT+ driver

After our bachelor thesis “Gathering and Labeling Sensor Data on a Mobile Phone with TITAN”, Jonas Huber and me were employed by the Institute for Wearable Computing for a project where we had to write a Linux driver for a ANT+ wireless card. Read more…

Projects as IT Systems Engineer at ETH Zurich

I worked part time as IT System Engineer at the Educational Development and Technology (LET) unit of ETH Zurich from 2007 until 2011. This unit provides E-Learning and E-Collaboration services to researchers and students at ETH Zurich. I supported RedHat servers as well as Moodle andILIAS E-Learning applications.

RInject Web Application Monitoring

RInject is a web application monitoring tool that can simulate complete transactions on a web application. It is capable of keeping track of cookies, parsing HTML forms, sending GET and POST requests and parsing the responses with regular expressions to detect failures. Read more…

Configuration Management with Puppet

With the rollout of the server virtualization, we seeked a way to automatically setup and configure new servers. My task was to evaluate and compare different configuration management solutions and migrate our existing configurations to the new solution. Based on the evaluation, we decided to use Puppet as configuration management software. The migration was an ongoing project when I left ETH Zurich.