This project was based on wireless sensor nodes. The goal was to implement the IPv6 compatible 6LoWPAN into wireless sensor nodes. This project was part of Clemens Lombriser‘s work at ETH.

The group already had the TMote Sky sensor nodes with the TinyOS operating system in use. My task was to integrate the IPv6 stack “6LoWPAN” into the wireless sensor nodes. I used the b6lowpan implementation which was in development by the University of Californa, Berkeley.

After the networking interface was integrated on the sensor nodes, I amended one of the nodes software so that it could operate as a wireless router when connected to a Linux computer. The router node communicated over USB with the host computer, and relayed messages from and to the wireless IPv6 network. The host computer itself forwarded the IPv6 packages to the university network. That way, all wireless sensor nodes were accessible over IPv6.

As last task, I wrote a server application that could connect to multiple sensors at a time and gather sensor values from them. My software was multi threaded in order to cope with non-responding sensors and provided an interface to evaluate the gathered values.


The source code can be found at the following two locations:

Additionally, a patch of all my changes can be found here: 6LoWPAN_on_TinyOS_bekoeppel.patch.