After our bachelor thesis “Gathering and Labeling Sensor Data on a Mobile Phone with TITAN”, Jonas Huber and me were employed by the Institute for Wearable Computing for another project. Our project was part of Martin Kusserow‘s paper BodyANT: Miniature wireless sensors for naturalistic monitoring of daily activity.

ANT+ is a very light-weight protocol for wireless sensors and is used in many consumer applications, for example the Nike+ running shoe that can communicate with the iPod. The Institute for Wearable Computing wanted to have a Linux driver implementation that could use the Spectec SDA-323 Micro SD ANT RF card to communicate with the ANT+ sensors. The RF card should then be used in a mobile data gathering solution.

As the SDA-323 card only came with a Windows Mobile driver and no hardware documentation, we were not able to implement the Linux driver in the given time. With more time, we would have disassembled the Windows Mobile driver and tried to re-implement the driver in Linux.

As the time was very limited, we decided to port the data gathering solution from Linux to Windows Mobile, where we could use the provided driver for the Micro SD ANT card. The backend part of the application was successfully migrated to Windows Mobile, and the user interface was rewritten for Windows Mobile.